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Breast cancer can be treated with early diagnosis

Breast cancer can be treated with early diagnosis
Short stories.

Short but high value content stories. Or maybe not. The Short storytelling. The counters of short stories. The microstories. The short stories. Haiku. Wonderful expressions of a feeling in a collapse of prayer. Contraction of information.

Breast cancer. It is all I heard. He never thought that she might be suffering from this. Someone suffers more. This ever thought. Surely yes. Like this woman who have no name. Nor face. Or place. There are thousands of women who suffer from breast cancer.

Maggy Talavera wrote on the wall a little story. No textual but I like saying: If you take a moment of the day, once a year, the work of examining the breasts. If you find a small lump or pellet. Visit your doctor. The feeling of having it, sure only women who suffer should know how to explain. Those who watched the voluntary #SCPoneleElPecho breast cancer campaign - Bolivia, driven by the newspaper El Deber and other organizations, we see a group of women who asked to care and across the sidewalk, women who want to return be fine.

It is so important that people have access to information. A thousand times more important is to get the message. No need to buy the newspaper to be informed. Or watch TV in prime time for this valuable data. Take care! It seems ironic, but the more informed we are; sometimes we get lost between the amount of irrelevant content and what is truly important.

So the storytelling. Those who tell these stories, short or long, have a role of great value. Found on the wall of a photo face with someone who has this health problem it means that perhaps not done enough. We do not have what really counts.

"Early diagnosis is your best ally" reads one of the little signs that gently grip the volunteers gathered in a hotel ballroom. "Give yourself time, gains life" implores one in pink, supported by the perfect hands of a TV presenter. Whether he tells her; It matters who hear it all. "Breast cancer can be treated successfully" strong statement.

If you're a woman and you read this, take the time to examine your breasts briefly. If you are a man, tell your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister. Take your time. Try not to be that little bad story, but the short but happy time someone who knew she had breast cancer history. #SCPoneleElPecho.

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